Truck Mounted Platform Hire

Our truck mounted platform hire options provide customers with the ability to be able to work at height safely with a maximum offering at UK Platform Hire of 112m, the largest access platform in the world.

The fleet of truck mounted platforms for hire are great for requirements that need extra vertical or outreach distance and are suitable for heavy duty works while being compact enough to not take up large areas of space while not being used.

Due to the fact that the platform is mounted to a truck, this means that they are also a brilliant choice for those that require access solutions at multiple sites or if your working area requires for platforms to be removed while not in operation.

At UK Platforms Hire we offer all of our fleet with a competent and qualified IPAF operator, delivering peace of mind and the experience your work needs to ensure that works run smoothly.

Know Your Hire Requirements?

Our friendly and experienced team are ready to help you find the right hire for your requirements, just drop them a message and we'll call you back to discuss the options available to you.

See our selection of truck mounted access platform lifts we have available for hire nationwide


Working Height: 17 m
Platform Height: 15 m
Platform/Deck Size: 1.22 x 0.83 x 1.10 m
Safe Working Load: 200 Kg
Outreach: 9.3 m
Weight: 4.8 Tonnes


Working Height: 20 m
Platform Height: 18 m
Platform/Deck Size: 1.4 x 0.7 m
Safe Working Load: 220 Kg
Outreach: 8.7 m
Weight: 3.5 Tonnes


Working Height: 20.8 m
Platform Height: 18.8 m
Platform/Deck Size: 1.4 x 0.7 x 1.1 m
Safe Working Load: 200 Kg
Outreach: 10.0 m
Weight: 3.5 Tonnes


Working Height: 21.9 m
Platform Height: 19.9 m
Platform/Deck Size: 1.4 x 0.7 x 1.1 m
Safe Working Load: 200 Kg
Outreach: 14.5 m
Weight: 3.49 Tonnes


Working Height: 22.0 m
Platform Height: 20.0 m
Platform/Deck Size: 1.0 x 1.8 x 1.1 m
Safe Working Load: 280 Kg
Outreach: 17.0 m
Weight: 7.5 Tonnes


Please note that all product information found on this page is strictly for your guidance only and is subject to change at any time, without prior notice to follow the development programs of the manufacturers.

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We reserve the right for quoted or supplied equipment to differ from the images or specification mentioned within the information of our website.

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