IPAF Training Courses

IPAF training courses are created by www.ipaf.org and set the standard when it comes to safe and effective use of powered access equipment across the world.

To ensure that your powered access equipment is used both safely and effectively, users have to be trained by an approved IPAF instructor to enable them to be able to obtain a IPAF PAL Card which will then license them to be able to use powered access equipment to a globally recognised high standard.

UK Platform Hire have partnered with an IPAF approved company to allow our customers to be able to take advantage of IPAF certified training courses to enable their workers to complete the training and obtain their IPAF PAL Card which will then be valid for a duration of five years.

IPAF Training Courses

We understand that sometimes businesses need to be able to have flexibility in their approach to training their staff and that is why the IPAF training courses that we offer present just that, flexibility.

Our approved IPAF instructor can provide training courses either at one of our Nationwide locations or if you would prefer, the instructor can conduct the training course at your own location.

On completion of the IPAF training course, users will be issued with a new IPAF PAL Card (Powered Access License) which will be issues by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and valid from five years from the date issued.

IPAF Training Categories

There are a number of different powered access categories that are covered in IPAF training and you have the option to be able to select the categories that relate to your business, giving you the control over your workers development.

Looking for IPAF training courses in the UK?

Our friendly and experienced team are able to tell you about our upcoming IPAF training courses across the UK or can help you book our IPAF approved training at your venue.

Here are the categories that are covered under IPAF training

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The IPAF Category PAV (Push Around Vertical) training course is designed for users that operate push around vertical platforms that do not have a mechanical drive and will cover theory and best practice of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

This training is suitable for those looking to renew an existing PAL card or for new MEWP operators.

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The IPAF Category 1A training course is designed for static vertical platform operators and will cover the theory and best practice for working with Mobile Elevated Work Platforms that require outriggers.

This course is suitable for operators that are looking to either renew their PAL cards or for new operators to complete the required training to be able to operate elevated platforms that can not be driven once elevated.

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The IPAF Category 1B training course is for operators that will be using boom platform lifts that require outriggers while in use and once elevated are not able to be moved.

This course is suitable for static boom operators that need to renew their PAL cards or for new users to get the required training, theory and best practice for using Mobile Elevated Work Platforms within this category.

ipaf training


The IPAF Category 3A training course covers safe and efficient use of mobile vertical MEWP and providers operators with the theory and best practice required to obtain either a renewal or issuing of a IPAF PAL card.

This category focuses on mobile vertical platforms that do not require outriggers while in use and can be moved while elevated depending on the model of MEWP in use.

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IPAF Category 3B training course is designed by IPAF for operators that are using mobile boom platforms which do not require outriggers when in use and can be driven while elevated (depending on model).

The course will cover theory and practice of using mobile boom lifts and is suitable for operators that need to renew their PAL card or new operators that are looking to obtain a PAL card for the first time.

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The IPAF Harness Use and Inspection training course is created for operators that are working at height and require the need to be able to select, inspect and use a harness and associated equipment safely while using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform.

This training is also beneficial to managers and supervisors.

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IPAF MEWP's For Managers

The Mobile Elevated Work Platforms for Managers training course from IPAF is designed for managers and supervisors that are in charge of coordinating the use of any type of MEWP's on site.

The course will cover how to plan for safe and competence use of platforms on site.

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PAL Plus

PAL Plus (PAL +) training is an optional single day training course that is delivered to IPAF standard for category-specific focus, aimed towards helping operators to safely work at higher verticals while managing risk and overcoming more challenging environments.

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